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Jason Pena Digital Marketing

About Jason Pena

Digital Design & Marketing

Working to drive traffic, and catch your attention has been my professional career for the last 14+ years. I continue to drive change and helps businesses across the US build brands and get noticed. My passion for design led me to the digital marketing frontier and I have never looked back.

I understand the value of a well thought out user experience, and I know what it takes to make a website project come together. My experiences taught me that anyone can learn to make money online if you have the patients and perseverance to make it happen.

My name is Jason, and I am the designer, and creative mind behind Affiliate Flash. I am writing this blog to help me document the things I have learned along the way with affiliate marketing and digital marketing. I understand I am probably more technical then the average user, but I look to document my knowledge so that anyone can learn from my experiences.

Why Affiliate Marketing

I freelance for businesses of all types, and I love web design and development. It has been a cornerstone of my digital marketing career, and look forward to continuing in this industry. Affiliate marketing allows me to learn another part of the web. Driving traffic and building web properties with the goal of marketing conversions. I own a few personal websites that I love to test new ideas on. I hope that in the near future, these websites will sustain me financially, so I can travel the world!

Cheers to hopes and dreams!



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