Content creation ideas: 5 ways to create content for your audience


Content Creation ideas

There is no secret to content creation. You simply start with a blank canvas and use your imagination to create. At least, this is what we have all been taught. In the digital world we live in today, the public is used to consuming content in different formats. We no longer rely on the Sunday morning newspaper to read up on current events. We can now reach in our pockets and grab our smartphones to be instantly connected.

Not everyone can crate different types of content. You may not have the means to create and edit a full length how-to tutorial, but you should strive to. I have put together a list of 5 ways you can create content for your loyal readers.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are the most basic and the easiest to get started with. You simple need a free website or self-hosted website to post the blog when you are finished writing. Blog posts are nothing but articles of text, sometimes mixed with images to help tell a story or get information across. Writing a blog post should not be complex, but you want to consider how to improve your writing. Consider researching SEO tactics and how to write for the web. This will help with search engine rankings.


With the popularity of tablets and smart phones, eBooks are gaining more traction. With products like the Amazon Fire Tablet, Apple iPad, or the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, people can now have instant access to e-book materials. You could be writing a cook-book, or a guide to getting healthy. Writing this content in eBook format will let you reach an expanded audience online. Check out publishing your eBook on Amazon, and learn how you can make money from your content with a wider audience beyond your website.


We all love to consume complex information, but sometimes it takes a bit to understand long drawn out explanations. This is where infographics help bridge the gap. Infographics are graphics used to display long forms of data and statistics. They can also be used as a visual storytelling tool.

Infographic have been around for a while, and their popularity is only growing with our limited attention spans. We can to browse content quickly, and get the point within the first few minutes. I am guilty of this myself. Sometimes I don’t want to read an entire article. I just want to see the main points and how it pertains to me.


Youtube is now the #2 search engine in the world behind Google. This tells you that we are looking at a more visual way to consume content. Smartphones are now coming equipped with cameras that can record 4k video. All you need is content. Consider making a quick how-to video for YouTube. You can also create a product review and let people see you interact with different products. Whatever you decide to film, just make sure to also write a great caption and title for the video. This will help with search engine rankings and video rankings on YouTube.

Audio Podcast

Podcasts are still gaining traction and are becoming a great alternative to listening to the radio. When you create, and record a podcast, you let the listener hear your voice, and connect with you on a different level versus a blog post of text. There is nothing wrong with blog posts (your reading this one right now), but you want to expand into different media forms when you become comfortable growing your business.

Content creation should be personal

Always keep in mind you are creating content for your niche market. Create content that will help solve a problem, or help make an informative purchase. If it doesn’t do these two things, then make sure it is entertaining. Building authority is key with building a loyal audience, so make sure your content is well polished before publishing. You want to connect with your readers, or viewers. The more personal you make the content, the better chance you will have of getting your idea across.

Next steps to creating content

Now you have some ideas, the next step is creating a game plan. My suggestions for getting started are below in step by step form. Use this bullet point list to help you gain traction with your own content.

On a lighter note: Creating content should be fun

If you’re not having fun, then why are you creating? Only kidding. But seriously, you should enjoy what you write about or talk about. This will come across more genuine in the end. Happy creating!


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