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The key to content marketing starts with asking the right questions. Content Marketing is making a mark on web development projects and marketing strategies, but to be effective, you need to start with a good foundation.

Content Marketing Questions

To help you get started, we created a diagram of what I call the “Question wheel”. The questions are very basic, but when answering them, they will help you unlock your content marketing potential, and give you a new awareness to your audience.

  1. Who is your customer?

First,  you should always understand your audience and their needs.  Understanding these will guide you to writing better content, and more relative content for projects.

Start by learning key demographics such as: age, gender, and sex. This will allow you to narrow down the writing style that would most likely match you audience type.  Knowing your customer is a key business strategy that everyone should start with.

  1. What are they searching for?

After you know your customer, you need to understand what they are searching for as it pertains to your business. Are they looking for basic business services? Are they looking for answers to specific questions they have in mind?

Knowing these questions can help you write better content for your website, or online goals. Ads can be written to target these questions and others like them. This will help engage more customers when they come across your website.

  1. What words are they using to search for it?

After you know the questions, you need to learn what words are they using to search. This is SEO 101. In order to gain search engine traction, you need to target certain keywords that are relevant to your business and audience.

Not everyone asks the same question the same way. This is why it is key to know your audience. If the generation is older, they may search differently from a younger generation. Knowing these keywords will help you write better and more relevant articles.

  1. Why are they searching for it?

After you figure out what, then you need to understand why. Why are they searching for these terms. If they are looking for services, what services and why? If they are looking for products, then what products and why do they need them?

Understanding human product interaction is a way to help you understand what drives us to buy. Is your product or service a want or a need? You need to understand this about your business in order to gain more control over the flow of incoming traffic.

  1. Who is offering what they are looking for?

Next, you need to know your competitors in the market. You need to do some online research with the keywords and questions you have just learned by studying your audience.

See who else is offering these products or services, and study their approach. If they are ranked higher than you on a search engine, then you know they may be doing something right.

  1. Are you the business they are searching for?

After you have learned more about your competitors, then learn how you can be a better motivator. In the end, sales is about the motivation to sell.

Your business or website needs to offer what others can’t. A knowledge or expertise specific to yourself or your business. This will help you stand out from the market. Especially if it is a crowded market.

Learning to adapt with Content Marketing

Content marketing above all, is about change. New marketing trends, and customer needs drive the content you are writing. If the industry shifts, be flexible and write for your audience.

This is why content marketing is a long-term strategy. Your business or website needs to stay up with current industry news, and trends and compete to becoming the main industry resource.

Keep your articles relevant, and keep them highly targeted to your audience. You just might be glad that you did!

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