Engage your audience and build relationships!


Engage your audience

Which is easier, selling products to new customers, or selling products to loyal established customers? Have you ever stopped for a moment to realize what kind of relationship you have with your audience and customers?

Content marketing and affiliate marketing is all about building trust through information. Loyal customers have already built a trust in your content and products. They will return to you repeatedly if your content is building authority. This is key to helping build a following.

New customers are great, but sometimes need to be educated, and informed. They are looking to you to solve a problem. Your audience needs to feel comfortable in asking questions. Most people will try to seek out answers on their own. They may visit your website, or visit the website of your competition. Either way, they will find an answer.

This is where first impressions make a huge difference. Do you know what questions your audience are asking? Are you making sure these questions and answers are easy to find on your website? Let’s get into some core practices of building relationships, and engaging your customers.

Engage your audience with blogs

We highly recommend your website have a blog. What is a blog? a blog is a dedicated section of your website that is used to write and release new content and relative content about your niche.

Example blog posts will include, answering questions about your niche, or announcing new products in your market. The blog serves as a destination that the audience can come to and learn about how your industry is growing. If you are using a Content Management System or CMS, connecting with your audience can be easier.

WordPress (an open-source CMS) allows for comments, and general feedback in real-time, so you can monitor what kinds of questions or concerns your audience has. When your audience can get answers, and engage you in more conversations, this helps build trust and authority.

Engage your audience on Social Media

Social Media engagement is important for several factors. So, let’s start with the basics. Social media is a term used to describe different websites that allow for person to person interaction. This social interaction with friends, and even strangers has allowed for brands to flourish online. People share experiences with each other and hopefully they are sharing information or recommending your niche or website.

Websites like Facebook and Twitter allow for real-time engagement. When a new customer or loyal client posts on your page, then this is an opportunity to engage them about their experience. If the post is positive, then reinforce the interaction by sharing with others in your network.

If the post is negative, then this is an opportunity for you to find out the problem, and rectify the situation. People are becoming more comfortable with expressing their opinions online, so we recommend monitoring your social media networks.

Engage your audience via email

E-mail is currently still one of the most basic and most important tools a business can have. Building a list of emails from your audience is one of the best ways to stay in contact with them.

E-mails have evolved from simple one-on-one interaction to avenues of distribution. Think about it that way, when your website builds an email listing of 5000 customers, then your business has an instant group to market too when you are ready to launch a new product or affiliate link.

E-mail newsletters are a positive way to interact with your audience. Feed them new information on products or services your website covers, and even highlight some of your favorite customers or testimonials in the newsletter. You may be surprised how many people share their stories to others when they are mentioned on your newsletter or company website.

Using e-mail to engage interaction with customers builds trust and helps build a loyal following. One word of caution, don’t over send emails to your audience and fill up their inboxes. Make sure the content is relative to your business, and make sure to space out delivery of newsletters in an appropriate fashion. We recommend 1-2 a month to engage with your audience.

Build authority and engage with your audience

Building a more valuable relationship with your audience is a huge key to repeat business. You want to have the right amount of information available to them on their schedule.

Making sure your website and business is engaging customers and building relationships is a great key to growing your authority. The goal is to have these people share their great experiences with family or friends, and naturally giving you more organic traffic for your website.


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