Why you should be interested in making money online. 

Everyone wants to be making money online. But not everyone does it. Why is this? Let’s talk about making money online, and some of the barriers you will face and how to overcome them.

I have made money the old fashion way online as a web designer

Most of my professional career has been in digital design and development.

  • I’ve been in this industry for over 14+ years and counting.
  • Building websites for companies and small businesses has been my goal.
  • I call this the old fashion way because I have come to the realization that people are making money from their own blogs and websites instead of a more service oriented approach.

This is when I realized I could create my own websites and start considering affiliate marketing.

Have you ever lost a job and didn’t know what you were going to do next?

In corporate America, this happens all the time. Sadly, people can spend years at a company only to be let go when times get rough. Therefore, I want people to start projects that invest in themselves. Create a small blog or website that will build traffic over time and one day you might be working for yourself. I know it sounds too good to be true. I was in your exact shoes when I was reading about making money online.

Not everyone knows where to get started making money online

Think hard for a moment and decide what you really want to do in life? What drives you and what motivates you? Is it travel, cooking, or playing sports? What do you have a passion for?

When you figure out your passion, then the next step is to get focused. The technical parts of learning how to blog or write content are easy to learn. Even learning how to start your own website is easy to learn now with YouTube. The hard part is how to focus your energy on a single project to reap the benefits later. Yes, I said it. “LATER”. It’s not about get rich quick.

Time is the biggest misconception with making money online

The biggest lie I have seen online is “making money online is easy”. We have all read ads and headlines of “Make $10,000/month with no experience”. These kinds of ads are useful for grabbing attention, but they are usually empty promises.

Don’t let me sway you. There are full-time digital marketers who make way more than $10,000 a month, but I guarantee it took more than 30 days to do it and get to this level.

  • It takes time to build an audience, and to get creative with content.
  • Developing a good website and landing pages takes effort.
  • Be ready to spend on google ads, and social advertising to help kickstart your traffic.

Many people quit before they really start making money online

It’s sad to say, many people quit before they reach their goals. Life happens. I get it. Kids, work, family, and hobbies. There is plenty of life that will interrupt your online projects.

Therefore, I tell people that the project must be built around a passion. It can be difficult to get bored of a passion. There is a good chance it will be harder to get tired of making videos of your passion or talking about it with others.

Get plugged in and start learning a new system

You spent the first 12 years in school as a kid, so you know how to learn. Get plugged into an affiliate marketing system and learn how to start making money online. You don’t have to trust anyone, but trust in yourself. Make a change and consider options that you never thought possible.

My passion is teaching and mentoring others

My passion has always been design. I love design, but I didn’t realize how much I loved teaching it. After mentoring for a few years, I am learning a new goal. Online affiliate marketing and teaching others the aspects of making money online. I have seen so much BS on the internet, that I want to be a solid foundation for learning and growing.


Jason Pena Affiliate Marketing

About The Author

Jason Pena, Creator of Affiliate Flash
Sr. Digital Design Manager with years of experience in design, development, and digital marketing strategies. Learn with me, and lets be successful together.

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