Know your audience: Determine audience demographics

Determine Audience Demographics

One of the basic rules of digital marketing is determine audience demographics. But when you break it down, what does this really mean? You can’t reach through the computer and ask questions to everyone that visits your website.

Website owners can’t push a survey into everyone’s hands and hope they reply.  Let’s look at some key ways to determine your audience and how you can create content that is specifically catering to these viewers. This is crucial in affiliate marketing.

Determine Audience Demographics

Demographics is a fancy word for determining a few key factors about your website audience. These key factors can help you narrow down what type of content that will resonate with your viewers. The more detailed you can be with your content, the higher chance of building authority with your audience. Here are a few key factors you want to consider:

  • Age Range
  • Gender
  • Household Income
  • Race
  • Location
  • Education
  • so many more…

Determine Audience Interests and behaviors

After you determine details about your audience, you want to determine their interests and behaviors. Here are a few questions you want to answer:

  • What do they like to do?
  • How do they spend free-time?
  • What makes them spend money?
  • Does age or income factor into purchasing decisions?
  • When are the peak times your audience interacts with your website?

Different age ranges and genders will have different interests, but your best chance of making a sale in affiliate marketing, is to determine how to sale to your audience. When you discover the peak times your website is being looked at, then you can schedule your blog and content around those times to maximize exposure.

Research Audience Problems

One of the most important parts of affiliate marketing is problem solving. You need to get into the habit of learning about your audience and the problems they face daily. If you can solve these problems with a product or service, you are well on your way to building online authority with your content.

One of the easiest ways to do this in your niche is a quick google search. At the bottom of the page, google will give you other suggestions for popular keyword searches to use and guide you in creating content.

You are trying to provide answers to potential customers through content and media. This is the basis for affiliate marketing. You build authority and when you know your audience issues or concerns, you develop content around the solutions.

Problem discovery and solution mapping

  • Problem Discovery – Taking the time to understand the fundamental problems or issues that plague a certain niche.
  • Solution Mapping – Once you determine the problems, you map solutions to these problems.

When you follow this two-step process, it will guide you and help you create more relevant content for your readers.

Where to start finding audience demographics

  • Google analytics – This is a primary place to start with analytics. They can break down many different factors for your website and help you get a base understanding of where your audience is coming from.
  • Evaluate your competition – See how your competition is marketing to their audience and this will give you a sense of where you can start.
  • Surveys – If you already have a large audience, consider sending out a survey to learn more about them. Ask targeted questions to help you build user personas.
  • Social Media Insights – Social media accounts like Facebook offer insights into the audience that is visiting your content.

You have audience demographics, now what?

In User Experience terms, the next step is creating User Personas. This is simply creating imaginary profiles with real names and backgrounds to identify your audience. I would do at least 5 to start. Here is a great article on creating personas.

These profiles will be a starting point for creating new content moving forward and helping you target the right viewers for your website.

Targeting everybody is like targeting nobody

When you get to know your audience, you get to know your niche. You want to build authority by building trust with an audience. If you have no trust, then why would anyone want to take your reviews or recommendations seriously.

True, you can get away with just targeting everyone. I am sure there are plenty of websites that do this. Their goal is to drive tons of traffic to a website and hope to convert a small percentage of that traffic into purchasing. It becomes a numbers game and you’re out to drive anyone and meet certain numbers.

I prefer to drive targeted traffic and viewers that are looking for exactly what I am selling or writing about. This is how you can effectively create ad campaigns with Google AdWords, but you need a foundation of information to become successful at it.

Determine audience demographics to continue to grow

If you take away one piece of advice from this article, I hope that it is this. Take the time to learn about your readers, and your readers will take the time to get to know you.

Your authority will be built when you can connect and understand your niche audience. Don’t be scared to ask questions, and don’t be scared to make mistakes. Once you have a good idea of your target audience, you can them start creating content to reach others outside your demographics. This will help you see healthy growth in different parts of your website and marketing.


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