Learn how to get paid for online referrals.

Get paid from online referrals

Would you like to get paid for online referrals every time you told a friend about a cool product and they ended up buying it? This is basically how you get paid for online referrals.

Think of this like a commission for your time. It can happen repeatedly.  This is the basis of affiliate marketing. There are companies who love paying brand ambassadors and brand enthusiasts to try out new products. Beauty bloggers get paid for online referrals as an example.

The point is the blogger has an audience that wants to know opinions on new products or services. This is a huge part of affiliate marketing. You can write opinions or reviews and have a higher chance at getting paid for your online referrals.

Get paid to make recommendations for products you like

Yes, it is possible to get paid for reviews through affiliate marketing. Think about it.

  • Write a blog post that is dedicated to kids’ toys.
  • Your audience is made up of thousands of moms that read your online reviews as soon as you post them.
  • In your research you come across a new toy for kids that is both safe and fun.
  • Next you test the toy and give your personal review.
  • In your article, you provide a link to an online store like amazon or other stores so your audience can make a purchase.

If you are a part of the affiliate program with that online store, you can make a commission off every sale you refer to the site.  If you have built online authority as a blogger or content writer, your audience will love hearing your opinions of new items that come out.

Get paid to test out new services

Similar to new products, there are some companies that will pay you to review new online services and provide referrals. Netflix started just like this. They created an online affiliate program and people started to spread the word. As a result, companies built a strong presence online using affiliates just like you.

The power in Word of Mouth and social networks

With social networks becoming deeply ingrained into our society, people make recommendations for restaurants and movies all the time. It is now second nature for everyone. We love to give our opinion to our networks, and give out advise on many different subjects.

Word-of-mouth now really means “status updates”. You are updating people all day with what you are doing, and what you like.

How to find referral programs or affiliate programs

Think about the last 3 places you visited online. Many of these websites have affiliate programs. Many programs require you to have a website, but some do not. You simply apply for the program and get started when you get your affiliate links.

Many online companies provide banners, and ads for you to post online. You can post these on your websites, or social network pages. There are many places you can post this content, but most importantly, you need to always have a plan on promoting these products.

Disclosure for affiliates

Just make sure to be honest about being an affiliate and disclose that you are making promoted claims. On social media, this is a huge problem that many people see happening. Brand enthusiast with thousands of followers promote products and get paid for it. Many times not disclosing their affiliate connections. This can come back and bite you in the butt. Make it easy for people to know you get paid for online referrals.

Do a quick google search for affiliate disclosures and you will get hundreds of examples for you to use in your own content or on your own website.

Remember your audience trusts your opinions

When getting into affiliate marketing so you can get paid for online referrals, you want to keep the trust of your audience. Making sure you believe in the product you are promoting and provide truthful reviews will help you make sales and get those online referrals.


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