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Contrary to popular belief, making money online does take time and effort. Many people quit before they really get started. Or they believe they don’t have the technical skills required to making money online. I’m here to call BS.

I’m here to tell you that so far my research has really opened my eyes. Many of the successful internet marketers I have come across had no technical training. No background in coding or design. No background in sales or marketing.

They had a passion for succeeding and they stuck with it. Over time building simple websites into complex money making machines. Then, replicating this process and making even more. They are making money from all types of affiliate programs and driving traffic to their websites.

Don’t be scared to have a voice

This was my biggest fear in getting into blogging and staring a website. Why on earth would other people listen to me or read my articles? I have spent over 14+ years in the digital marketing and design industry and I finally wanted to have my own properties. My own websites to share my own thoughts and ideas.

I choose affiliate marketing because I saw so many people making money online and I had an epiphany. If they could do it, so could I. But first I had to concur my own fear of being shy. I can command a presence in a boardroom meeting, but I was scared to have my written words on the net.

I’m a testament to saying how it can all change with practice. Start writing more and more and you will realize it flows out of your mind with ease.

Stop wasting time on things that don’t matter

How much time do you spend reading news stories and articles about celebrities? How much time do you spend on social media reading links that are shared by your friends? If you are spending countless hours reading other peoples work, why can’t you make others read your work?

Life has a funny way of making it hard at the perfect times to concentrate. Kids, family, jobs, and hobbies are all part of life. You need to take a step back and realize that building websites and getting into affiliate marketing will not be a quick fix to money problems.

It will be a long term project that will allow you to build an audience, and build authority with this audience. Once you build authority, your viewers will start to look into your recommendations for products or services. You will realize you are gaining momentum in your sleep, but you have to start somewhere.

I have created a simple step-by-step blog on how to start a free WordPress website. You really have no excuse now.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Start it part-time, and build slowly

You don’t have to start with 50 blog posts to start a website. This is another misconception I have come across with starting a blog. Create content that makes people want to come back for more. Post regularly and make sure to spoon feed your audience with new ideas and content.

Don’t think you have to make this a full-time job. Everyone writes content differently, so start with your own pace. Write 1 article a week. 4 articles a month. 48 articles a year. It starts to add up over time. You start showing up in search engines for keywords based on your work, and you start writing smarter so you can start making money online. 

You don’t know what to write about, so start with a passion

Think about what you are passionate about. Write down the top 3 things that come to mind. Here are the 3 I wrote down when I was in your same situation.

  1. Web Design
  2. Photography
  3. Mentoring others

My website dedicated to my web design. I have a website dedicated to my photography. www.portraitsofdallas.comLast, I have a website dedicated to mentoring and helping people find ways to make money online.

I am blessed that I already had a technical background, so building websites was easy. This is where mentoring comes into play. I wanted to teach the average person how to start making their ideas a reality. You have to start with a passion so you can make it past the initial “I’m ready to quit” phase. This usually happens in the first 30-60 days.

You put in work but don’t see much money in return. This is where you must remember that it takes time. Build slowly, build smart, and most of all just go out and build. 

If you like problem solving, Affiliate Marketing could be for you

This is the basis for getting started in affiliate marketing. Problem solving. We do this everyday in our regular lives. We problem solve at work, and in our free-time. If you can solve a problem, you can help others learn from your experiences by blogging about it, or sharing your experiences online.

Jason Pena Affiliate Marketing

About The Author

Jason Pena, Creator of Affiliate Flash
Sr. Digital Design Manager with years of experience in design, development, and digital marketing strategies. Learn with me, and lets be successful together.

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