Start a free blog on WordPress. 

Start a Free WordPress Blog

Simple steps to start a free blog using WordPress. I walk you through step by step on how to start a free blog.

Step 1: Research

Decide what your blog or website is going to be about. Before you start a free blog, first identify a few key factors of your blog.

  • What are you writing about?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • How often will you create new consistent content?
  • Do you have a bio written about yourself?
  • Are there any other blogs that are like mine for inspiration?

Creating a blog takes time and commitment. You want to make sure to keep your readers coming back on a regular basis, so make sure the content is unique that you post content on a consistent basis.

I recommend starting a Google AdWords account so you can do some keyword research. This is find out how people search for content like yours. For example, if you are writing about gifts for moms. Your keywords might be:

  • Gifts for mom
  • Mother’s Day gifts
  • Best gifts for moms

Every keyword has a different value to it, based on searches done monthly. My recommendation would be to find keywords with high volume searches and low competition. This will help you with SEO in the future.

If you don’t have the money to purchase the domain at this stage, don’t worry. You can always purchase it later. I just recommend getting it ASAP so nobody else takes it.

Step 2: Domain Name

After you have decided to start a free blog or website, the next thing you need to do is consider purchasing a domain name. You can visit places like or

Domain purchases are inexpensive, and give you a chance to create a unique brand for your blog. You may find that your domain name of choice is taken, so make sure to make a purchase fast if you find one available.

Here are a few tips to consider when purchasing a domain name:

  • Keep the name short if possible (no more than 10 letters if you can help it)
  • Make sure the domain easily identifies what you write about
  • Do some keyword research and try using keywords in your URL.

Once domain is purchased, you can set it aside for now. It is just important to find a name early in the process so it can make the blog setup easier to manage.

Step 3: Visit

Next thing to do is get started creating your blog. Visit and this will be the hosting for your website. hosts your blog for you, and allows you to use unique domains. This is a great way to get started really fast with online blogging.

  • Visit
  • Click Register and start an account

Once you have verified your email and information, it is time to login. Visit and login to your new account.

The admin dashboard will be the first thing you come to. From here you will click on “ADD NEW SITE” in the bottom left hand corner.

Start a free blog - step 1

Once clicked, it will ask you to select a blog, website or portfolio. Select blog, and it will move you on to the next step.

Start a free blog - step 2

Next, you will Choose a theme that you like. Don’t worry, WordPress allows you to change themes later. Even after you have written content for your website. I chose Franklin for the purposes of this tutorial.

Start a free blog - step 4

Next, enter an address for your site. You can make this the same as the domain you purchased if you would like. If you purchased your domain already, WordPress has a premium feature that lets you map the domain to your blog.

Start a free blog - step 1

In the interest of keeping this free, we will just enter a free name for the address for now.

Start a free blog - step 5

The name is available. It will put “” because it is being hosted on the WordPress servers for free. If you would like to get rid of the “WordPress” in the domain name, then you will need to purchase the premium features.

Start a free blog - step 6

As stated, you can choose a plan that is write for you. Each has it’s own perks. Remember you can always choose later to upgrade as needed.

Once you are finished, click on the name of your blog, and it will take you back to the admin panel. You are pretty much in the home stretch by this step.

start a free blog

One the left-hand side, you will see all your options for getting your WordPress blog started. You can add log posts, pages, or images to your blog.

You can also change the them if you want, and look at other features that the WordPress system offers. I recommend digging around and checking out the interface. You can always YouTube tutorials, or click on the bottom Question mark for support.

Step 4: Content Production

Once you have become comfortable with the WordPress interface, It is time to write. My recommendation is to write at least 3 unique articles before you start loading to the WordPress system.

Keep in mind the keyword research you did earlier in these steps. This will help you come up with ideas for your blog. Also, do a quick google search and find out what other people are doing. If you did this in the research step, then you should have some good ideas o start.

Step 5: Posting

Once you finished writing your 3 posts. Go ahead and log back into and make publish the posts. Here are a few things to keep in mind about the structure of the post:

  • Have at least 2 separate titles to your paragraphs. Just like this blog post, it makes it easy for people to skim the page and find information.
  • Add images that make the post more interesting. Imagery can make the content stand out more, and make the site more unique.
  • Make sure to add links to your other blog posts once you have them live. It is easy to add a hyperlink to any words in your post. Link keywords to other posts so the readers will want to keep reading more articles from your blog.

Step 6: Sharing

Now that the hard work of customizing your website and posting your blogs is done. Now it’s time to share your work blog posts. The easiest way to share is to connect your account with different social accounts.

start a free blog - social sharing

Once you connect the accounts, the WordPress system gives you the option to share the finished post to your social accounts.

This is a crucial step because you want to get your content out there on the web. Also, you want to build your audience and viewers. The best way to start is by telling your friends and family to come check out your new blog. They can give you feedback on your work and pointers for future blog posts.

Start a blog for free: Conclusion

There are many other steps when you start a free blog, but these will give you the basic knowledge to get one started. One of the best ways to start learning is to just jump in. Start messing around with different ideas, and see what sticks.

The best way to start a free blog is to find a passion and start writing about it. This way you are more likely to keep wanting to write about it now and in the future. Best wished and happy blogging 🙂


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